Standard Equipment FLOTEK 5760-90:

Flotek 5760-90 Wind Tunnel, 15HP AC motor- 90 MPH test section velocity.

Lesson Plans and Lab Manual. Requires 440/480 volt three phase AC power

Optional Models available for increased test section velocity.

Optional Equipment:

  1. Computer Data Acquisition System I
    1. 16 Pressure transducers, 16 channels A/D (Analog to Digital) 2 channels D/A (Digital to Analog) with Labview software. National Instruments PCI-6024
      1. Features:
        16 channels of real time data display of pressures in 0-10” water
        Computer control of wind tunnel velocity and optional angle of attack
  2. Digital RPM readout
    1. Allows students to read the exact motor RPM.  Can also read velocity of Test Section without model.

Delivery and setup @ $1.50 / mile. $550.00 per-day on-site fee for setup and training.

FLOTEK 5760 Wind Tunnel

Model #

FT-5760-90                             Base Price Flotek 5760-90
(15 HP AC motor)
FT-5760-OP                            Price Flotek 5760-OP

Optional Equipment

FT-5760-200                           Computer Data Acquisition System I
Note: Does not include the computer
FT-5760-210                           C-Rio based Data Acquisition System
Computer Control System
FT-5760-220                           Custom Instrumentation grade data sys. *
FT-5760-250                           Dell Optiplex Computer Pre –Configured
With 19” Flat Screen Monitor
FT-5760-300                          Digital RPM Readout
FT-5760-800                          20 Tube Manometer
FT-5760-1000                        On-Site fee for Setup and Training (per day)
FT-5760-110                          Delivery and Setup

*Flotek custom Instrumentation grade data acquisition system for accurate instrumentation grade readings of air speed in test section. All components are NIST traceable certified. Includes one 0-20 Torr ( 0-10”) pressure transducer Resolution 0.01% of F.S   Accuracy +/- 0.15% of reading. Monitors room RH (%), Temperature and Barometric Pressure Displayed on Data Screen. All readings  displayed and logged in Graph from in LabVIEW software. Calibration Lab Logo on Screen

NACA airfoils listed are 12” airfoils designed for the 1440 larger airfoils will be available soon