The 360 is similar to the 250 but provides a test section of greater cross section. It can be bench top mounted, or an optional mobile stand is available.

Air is drawn through the entrance cone into the test section by a variable speed fan. A plastic honeycomb flow straightener with an L:D ratio of 10:1, ensures a laminar air flow through the test section. The entrance cone has a contraction ratio of 12:1, down to a test section measuring 6″ x 6″ x 18″ (152mm x 152mm x 457mm) long. The air velocity through the test section is variable up to 27m/s.

The test section has clear acrylic side walls and top to give a clear observation of the test in progress. The other flow sections are fabricated from 11 gauge steel formed sections.

A range of accessories are available for laboratory demonstrations. A further accessory allows the system to be connected to a user supplied computer and includes an interface card and Labview software.

In addition to the standard airfoil demonstrations and the golf ball demonstration, the larger test section allows a wider range of demonstrations to be undertaken, including a racing car demonstration and airflow patterns around buildings.

The 360 includes a 16 tube manometer bank as standard equipment.

FLOTEK 360 Wind Tunnel

Standard Equipment:

Flotek 360 with the following items: 16 tube water manometer, Lesson Plans and Lab Manual.

Optional Equipment:

  1. Roll Stand
    1. Allows the wind tunnel to be moved from one classroom to another.  The roll stand is also available with a built in computer stand.
  2. Computer Data Acquisition System I
    1. National Instruments C-Rio Integrated Controller based system with LabView Software.
    2. 17 pressure transducers for real-time data. Include modules to control wind tunnel motor speed and airfoil angle of attack.
  3. Digital RPM Readout
    1. Allows students to read the exact motor RPM to produce certain velocity.
    2. Can also read velocity of Test Section without model.
  4. NACA 2415 Airfoil
    1. Manual control or Controlled by computer with Data Acquisition option.
    2. Additional Airfoils (0015, 4415 and flat plane)
  5. Rocket Sting
    1. Allows students to perform flight evaluation testing on rockets to predict rocket flight pattern.
    2. (Rocket will spin if fins are not aligned properly) Overall drag reading on rocket can be obtained.
    3. Available with or without a digital scale.
  6. Lego Experiment
    1. Allows students to construct buildings and study their effect on wind velocity and air turbulence.
  7. NASCAR Exhibit
    1. Reads wind velocity and drag profile over stationary car. Allows students to evaluate the effects of race car drafting by  repositioning 2 other cars. Available with or without a digital scale.
  8. Golf Ball Experiment
    1. Allows students to prove dimple effect on drag.
  9. Replacement 16 tube manometer  – 16 tubes 0-6 Inches of water

Model #:

FT-360-100                Base Price

Optional Equipment

FT-360-200                Roll Stand (Standard)
FT-360-210                Roll Stand (Computer Version)
FT-360- 310               C-Rio based Data Acquisition System
FT-360-320                Custom Instrumentation grade data sys. *
FT-360-330                Computer Control System
FT-360-350                Dell Optiplex Computer with 19” Flat Panel
Monitor Pre-Configured with Software and Hardware. Includes Microsoft Office
FT-360-400                Digital RPM Readout
FT-360-500                NACA 2415 Airfoil (Manual Control)
FT-360-510                NACA 2415 Airfoil (Computer Control)
FT-360-520                NACA 0015 Airfoil
FT-360-530                NACA 4415 Airfoil
FT-360-540                NACA Flat Plane Airfoil
FT-360-560                Computer Controlled Yarn (Visual Display)
FT-360-580                2 Component Beam With NI  strain Module
FT-360-600                Rocket Sting w/ Digital Balance Scale
FT-360-610                Rocket Sting w/o Digital Balance Scale
FT-360-700                Venturi Experiment 10 deg.
FT-360-710                Venturi Experiment 15 deg.
FT-360-800                NASCAR Exhibit w/ Digital Scale
FT-360-810                NASCAR Exhibit w/o Digital Scale
FT-360-90                  Golf Ball Experiment
FT-360-1000              On-Site Set up and Delivery (per day)
FT-360-1100              Delivery and Set
FT-360-1200              16 Tube Manometer

*Flotek custom Instrumentation grade data acquisition system for accurate instrumentation grade readings of air speed in test section. All components are NIST traceable certified. Includes one 0-20 Torr ( 0-10”) pressure transducer Resolution 0.01% of F.S   Accuracy +/- 0.15% of reading. Monitors room RH (%), Temperature and Barometric Pressure Displayed on Data Screen. All readings  displayed and logged in Graph from in LabVIEW software. Calibration Lab Logo on Screen