Developed under strict guidelines and specifications to provide ultra low turbulence, straight-line (laminar) air flow, permitting true aerodynamic engineering, data acquisition & analysis

  • Easily accessible, removable test section
  • Aircraft Mil Spec quality hardware for durability and reliability
  • Industrial rated electrical components meet UL, NEMA, and IEC specifications in Hoffman enclosures
  • Data retrieval using either water manometers or optional analog/ digital, graphical interface computer program
  • Industry standard, virtual instrumentation data analysis software packages

Flotek 1440 Specifications

  • 12″ x 12″ test section, 36″ length allows larger experiments
  • 0-90 mph (132 fps, 40 m/s) test section velocity
  • 42″ x 42″ inlet; 14′ overall length
  • Variable speed, 2 hp direct current industrial Baldor motor
  • 24″ composite blade adjustable pitch fan
  • Tuned, plastic honeycomb flow straightener
  • 11 gauge steel tunnel body
  • NACA standard 4415, 2415, 0015 airfoils allow comparison to published theoretical data


Safety in the laboratory and the classroom is a primary concern. Flotek wind tunnels feature solid construction and industrial quality components for safety and reliability. Electrical power cabling is fully encased in the frame. Flotek’s fan unit is fully recessed behind the guard. And because of Flotek’s advanced aerodynamic design, its operation is quiet too.

Note: GDJ is constantly improving its products. Specifications are due to change from upgrades.