Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Dynamometer

General Description

Simple to use and safe to operate, this lab trainer is extremely friendly.  Equipped with a variable load dynamometer and computer linked for accurate data capture and analysis, this unit will provide your students with accurate, repeatable data that can be used in a variety of problem-solving activities. The engine can be operated remotely via a LAN Network or the Internet with the remote control option.

Standard Equipment:

The base model Single Cylinder Dynamometer comes complete with the following:

Includes Computer with 21” Flat Panel Monitor


  1. Yanmar 6.0 H.P. / 3600 RPM
  2. Air Cooled, 4 Cycle, Vertical Cylinder
  3. Max 9.9 ft-lb (13.4 N-m) torque @ 2800 RPM
  4. 3600 RPM
  5. Bore: 3.07 in (78 mm)
  6. Stroke: 2.63 in (67 mm)
  7. Displacement: 320 cc
  8. 12 Volt battery with starter

Stand and Instrumentation:

  1. Eddy current dynamometer
  2. Heavy duty, welded steel box frame
  3. Torque reading direct to calibrated load cell
  4. Fuel flow meter
  5. Engine combustion pressure measured DURING engine operation
  6. Intake and Exhaust temperatures
  7. Computer controlled load of the Eddy Current Brake

Model #:

PT – 200    Base Price:
PT  -250    Optional Computer Control for remote operation
PT – 300    Optional 5 Gas Exhaust Analyzer