Four Cylinder Gasoline Engine Dynamometer – Powered by LabView

General Description

Simple to use and safe to operate, this lab trainer is extremely operator friendly. Equipped with a variable load dynamometer and computer linked to a National Instruments data acquisition system for accurate data capture and analysis, this unit will provide your students with accurate, repeatable data that can be used in a variety of problem-solving activities. The engine can be operated remotely via a LAN Network or the Internet with the Remote Connections Program. This system takes advantage of the extremely fast processor speed and versatility of the NI cRIO-9074 Integrated 400MHzReal-Time Controller and 2M Gate FPGA to completely control the engine management system of the engine from the very easy to use LabVIEW interface screen.

We now offer Computer Control of the Fuel Injection and Ignition System of the engine which allows the user to control the mixture ratio and ignition timing of the engine from the National Instruments LabVIEW computer screen. Both the ignition system and fuel injection system give the user immediate feedback of the changes to the system engine parameters. The Fuel Injectors or Ignition timing can be controlled on each individual cylinder independently or all 4 cylinders at once. The start sequence and throttle are controlled by the computer as well.

Piston Position is supplied to the computer system via 1440 Quadrature Encoder, which supplies 5760 data points per revolution of the engine. This allows for a very accurate P/V diagram of the engine and Indicated HP readings of the engine performance real time.

A water to water heat Exchanger to replaces the radiator for engine cooling.

Standard Equipment:

The base model FOUR Cylinder Dynamometer comes complete with the following:

Includes Computer with 21” Flat Panel Monitor


  1. 4 Cylinder Honda normally aspirated engine.
  2. 1.6 Liter Engine
  3. Overhead CAM
  4. 6000 RPM
  5. 12 Volt battery with starter
  6. Water to Water Heat Exchanger for engine cooling – Allows for precise heat loss calculations.

Instrumentation System:

  1. Eddy current dynamometer
  2. Torque Reading direct from Load Cell
  3. Brake HP from Load Cell
  4. Indicated HP from cylinder Pressure Transducer
  5. Optional cylinder Pressure on Each Cylinder
  6. Fuel flow meter
  7. Engine Cylinder combustion pressure measured DURING engine operation
  8. Extremely Accurate P/V Diagram
  9. Optional Cylinder Pressure on each individual cylinder
  10. Intake Air Temperature
  11. Exhaust temperatures all Four Cylinders
  12. Water Temperature engine in and out
  13. Water Temperature Heat Exchanger In and Out (Heat being taken away from engine)
  14. Air Fuel Ratio from Oxygen Sensor
  15. Optional Air fuel Ratio on Each cylinder
  16. Computer controlled load of the Eddy Current Brake
  17. Heavy duty, welded steel box frame